We are a new, artist led gallery, dedicated to bringing classical ideals back into the contemporary art world.

Dealing directly with both private collectors and public clients - our aim is to create the kind art which is truly timeless.

Drawing influence directly from the old masters - and expressing this with contemporary vision. 

In a modern world which has become so much about fashions and trends; our focus is on creating work for collectors who are seeking art with a deeper meaning and historical relevance. A reminder of how art used to be. 

 And, for the future, we are particular keen to showcase more artists who may come from non traditional or underrepresented backgrounds. As a community for all those who might otherwise struggle to fit into the stereotypical art world.

George Bothamley

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George Bothamley is a London born artist and writer

Entirely self educated - George taught himself to draw through intensely studying the work of the old masters - particularly Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael; along with modern masters like Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso.

He completed his first pen and ink cityscape drawing within four months of starting art. And quickly developed a deep passion for renaissance history.

With a life long interest in the ancient world; George also draws inspiration from classical sculpture, architecture, poetry, mythology, spirituality, and prehistoric art..

Creating work with a unique mixture of classicism, sensitivity, intense passion, and contemporary mastery.


All work © 2020 by George Samuel  - and may not be copied/reproduced without permission.