Art Sourcing


Helping art lovers build and enhance their collections. We have close links with some of the top galleries and artists around London/Mayfair.. And work on a personal, one to one basis, with our clients to source the highest quality art currently on the market.

So if the work in our permanent collection does not match your needs - our bespoke service can help you to find something that will.


Sourcing contemporary art work direct from leading artists and gallerists artists

Advising on art  to match your needs -

Insights into classic art and art appreciation

Sourcing work from

Leading galleries around London - with a specific focus on Mayfair

Experts, agents and private dealers 

 Christies and Sotheby's auctions

Direct from up and coming artists and artist studios

Styles of art we specialise in

High end contemporary and modern art

Old masters and classic art