St Paul's Cityscape

Pen and ink with graphite pencil on paper


(8.3 x 11.7 inches)


"This is one of my earliest pen and ink cityscape drawings. Completed when i was 19 years old . . . around 4 months after i first started art. 

Until then, i'd never really been interested in drawing. But in Spring 2012, i decided that i'd like to give it a try, having first been inspired by reading about Vincent van Gogh. 

I immediately gravitated to pen and ink, as i thought it was the most effective way to train hand, eye and concentration simultaneously (knowing that there was no room for error or erasing etc).


And after 4 months of working pretty much exclusively on art  - sometimes until my fingers would bleed - i decided to take on the challenge of drawing one of my favourite buildings in London. 

At the time, i was unable to get to London. So this was in part motivated by a kind of inner pining i had - and a worry that i'd never get to see St Paul's in real life again. 

But, it was also a picture essentially motivated by my own curiosity. After all, i was still so new to art, I had no idea if i'd even be able to draw this building with any kind of likeness. 

It took about a week in total. And, even all these years later, is still one of the pictures which means the most to me."

All work © 2020 by George Samuel  - and may not be copied/reproduced without permission.